Grown Golden

we are a band called redbird. we don't look too good but we try real hard.


Real Men Read.


Real Men Read.

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my grandfather. 

my grandfather. 

made this today without expecting to. rough as can be, but a nice way to spend an afternoon.

i wrote this little song and paired it with some video i took on my phone of kortnee, neal, sara, matt, and i having some beers and curry takeout on sara and matt’s living room floor after lily and oliver had gone to sleep. we whispered and had the lights low so as to not wake them. it was a really nice night.


If only his diaper was as “Fresh” Prince as his dance moves. 

Happy Friday! Now go have a dance party!*

*This is a direct order. 

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Kendrick Lamar f/ Gunplay - “Cartoon & Cereal” (TDE, 2012)


Matt, check this!

sam chatmon - let’s get drunk again